Learn More About Types of Thesis Statements

Whether it be an essay or a research paper, a thesis statement is crucial. Why? The answer is pretty much simple. It is the backbone of a well-organized research paper or an essay. It also facilitates in deciding what information is most appropriate and important to include and how essay writer will be discussing this piece of information onward in essay.

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Since you are on this page it means that you wanted to know about the types of thesis statements. So fasten your seat belts and let’s take the journey to explore types of thesis statements together.

Many students struggle to write essay for me with a strong thesis statement since they are not familiar with the types of thesis statements. Shocked to hear about the types of a thesis statement? Well, let me tell you that there are three main types of a thesis statements.

Explanatory thesis statement

As the name suggests an explanatory thesis statement is established solely on factual information rather than your perspective about a topic. You need to tell the reader in a precise manner about the major points that you will be discussing the topic and how you will be planning to discuss it further in your essay or research paper.

Confused? Wanted to know more about how to write an explanatory thesis statement? Then no worries I am here to help you. All you need to do is to first identify the main aspect of the topic and then concentrate on grabbing readers’ attention. Make sure to not write my essay with a lengthy paragraph as it will frustrate the reader. Write clearly and concisely and do not forget to ensure coherence.

Argumentative thesis statement

We all argue over something in our daily lives and try to persuade our friends or family to listen to our perspective. Similarly, in the argumentative thesis statement, you need to take a stance on a specific topic that is debatable and then tell the reader how you will be backing up your claim.

Sounds simple right? Believe me it simple as unlike an explanatory thesis statement you can take a position on a topic and can tell your viewpoint as well.

 Tip: you do not have to explain the counterclaim in your thesis statement as this will make readers confuse as they have to wander around to know what exactly you want to discuss in your essay or research paper respectively. 

A good thesis statement delivers a clear idea about the scope of a topic along with the essay writing service approach to the subject. On the flip side, a poor thesis statement is the one that is based on personal opinion or takes to place a specific position on a certain topic.

Analytical thesis statement

Do you have analytical skills? If yes, then this type of thesis statement is easy-peasy for you. If your answer is no, then you need to practice a lot to write an effective analytical thesis statement.

In this type of thesis statement, you need to emphasize on the in-depth analysis of your topic. You need to tell the reader what aspect of a topic you will be analyzing and why. Also, how you will be evaluating and analyzing the topic.

Ops! Did I just make you worried by providing you the above information? Are you in crunch time and not sure what to do and how to write an effective thesis statement? Try to reach out to a paper writing service free and ask them to help you out in crafting a thesis statement that will grab the reader’s attention.

Remember! While writing an analytical essay or research paper, your reader expects you to define the topic and then break it down and evaluate some key aspects of that topic. Make sure that you cover the aspect of your topic in your thesis statement that you will be analyzing in your essay or research paper further.


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